I really need to cut,
I know it's really bad.
Deep down in my gut,
It may make you sad.
But it makes me better,
At least for the moment.
These days will be wetter,
I'm just about spent.
Done with blood and tears,
Keeping in constant pain.
It's all burning sears,
I'd volunteer to be slain.
Let them shoot me down,
Or me slit my own wrist.
Memory left on no town,
Merely a name on some list.
I'll be away and gone,
They won't remember me.
Maybe I'll last one dawn,
My life dwindles watch and see.

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You think that your name

You think that your name would be, just one on a list? Well you are wrong. Im sure others would know you, and would feel sadness for your death, and even if they didnt, i would. I may not know you, but i feel you. I feel your pain, anger, deep depression. Iv had it all before. I know what its like to feel nothing but pain, and wish that it all would just go away. Like i said, im here. If you think bad thoughts, message me, ill give you my ear. :) I care for you, though i may not know you, i care. There is always somebody in this world, that will, even if you dont see it. Keep writing. Even if its only one, every so, writing will help you, ease your mind at least for a little while, till you can escape, what causes you the pain.