"Almost had a niggah"

“Almost had a niggah...”

Aight Umma probably get some slack for what um bout to say but I gotta keep it real.

You probably wonderin Y a nigga ain’t call you back, so let me tell you the deal.

See you had me diggin you; yo convo had a nigga stimulated I was feelin yo style.

You was wearin the fuck out that outfit, and you was really killin me with yo smile.

I mean the night was perfect, we talked for hours, I felt like you was my new best-friend.

It didn’t matter that I had been up 18 hours, and was fallin a sleep cuz I didn’t want the night to end.

I mean yo, you had a nigga thinking you might be the one; the answer to my dreams.

I was thinking longevity, all of a sudden life wasn’t as hard as it had before seemed.

I hadn’t felt like that in a minute…you had me thinking it was gonna be ok to be on lock.

Our chemistry had a nigga thinkin about more than yo ass so a niggah was on shock!

But, then it happened you started comin on to a niggah and baby that was a mistake.

A niggah tried to respect you; but an offer of yo ass, I’d never refuse to take.

You almost had a niggah intrigued until you gave up that ass so quick.

You shoulda never let me hit it if in the future you wanted to see more than a niggah’s dick.

A niggah can get some ass whenever he want it, you gotta show him it’s something special about yours.

If you given it to him on the 1st day, you’re now in the club of all the other “easy to get whores”.

Ass comes a dime a dozen, we all know it ain’t that hard to get.

Don’t get mad at a niggah 4 bein a niggah cuz he hit  it and quit!

I have a suggestion, next time you think you feelin a niggah and you want a better chance to for it to last.

Mystery is exciting; he’ll be forced  to appreciate your mind body and spirit if his dick ain’t drippin wet from yo “too easy to get ass”!

By Bryant Mosley

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about not having sex to soon if you want to maintain a man's interest/respect for you.

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Charles Shackelford's picture

Interesting concept, however, I feel as an equal opportunist, that only brings out the prejudices of today's society...how about the person who sleeps around....period...

Have had some interesting conversations with people just on this subject matter....curious to know which side of the fence are you on concerning this....

Mark Tuggle's picture

hotep. i like the energy & spirit of your piece, my distaste 4 the 'n' word notwithstanding, tho i understand. and, i share your perspective about sexing a bruh with a quickness. i would've appreciated more of an emotional journey: the piece ended like an orgasm.

my name is mark. i just joined. will post my work...after i find out how :-)

dmg's picture

While reading this piece I couldn't help but to think that these feelings could go both ways. I think sometimes we expect the very thing from people the we ourselves are not willing to offer. It's understandable but there is an obvious double standard.