God Loves Us

Divine Revelation

The Bible says,
"God loved the world",
but that seems rather impersonal,
including everyone
and not identifying us
one by one.


But what is implied
in the text is that:
God loves us each
as if we were the only one.


He spoke us into existence
like the very stars in the sky.
numerous to eyes like ours
but every one special to Him.


True there are millions of souls
on this globe,
but we all matter to Him
in our own unique ways.


Every individual is His favorite
and somehow most loved
even though we are all equally loved.


It doesn't make sense to us
but it's perfectly logical
to the soverign One.

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anastazia's picture

I'm glad you know this...&

I'm glad you know this...& Him....
....I pray your old wounds will heal at the foot of the cross....
...I finally learned they only will when I place & leave them there,
& learn to walk in forgiveness, & know they're not my wounds to bare....

Your writing is clear, powerful, & articulates what many only wonder about.....