The Cycle of Grief


When they break the news to you,

it begins with confusion,
disbelief, then anger,


You fall into yourself
because you've lost the strength
to hold yourself together.


You don't care what
those around you think of you
in this moment
as you wrap your mind
around this new reality.


Then you collect your body
and remember to breathe again.


You have to compose your emotions
and take care of business
disregarding these mournful thoughts.


You have to make those phone calls,
console everyone else,
thank the heartfelt sentiments.


Then you are alone
to think coherently about your loss.


It ends with solace
knowing their sorrow is over,
realizing their pain is no more.

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Written, clearly, from

Written, clearly, from all can relate to, when they, too, have suffered loss.... express, so well, the tangle of emotion that overtakes us when first faced with the pain,
then comes that peaceful acceptance of their deliverance from the pain found in this life.... matter what they were going through.... be there with Him will always be far, far better than to be here still, waiting to go home...
"To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord...."

God be with you in the presence of any lingering grief.