I Forget to Remember


So much loss in the last year;
I can't handle any more.


Why bother caring about someone
when they will be taken from you?


Why open your heart to another
when their absense will tear you apart?


You are never ready for that day
when reality is swept up from under you.


Time does not heal, it hurts.
Deeper and deeper as it ticks by.


Memories slip away in my hands,
and I forget to remember you.


Every day a little more,
until one day you'll disappear forever.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Hurt" by Johnny Cash

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anastazia's picture

No, we're never ready....but

No, we're never ready....but God never allows more than He will see us through.....
....why bother caring? Risking? Opening up again?
Becuase it's part of what we were created for....
....He will strengthen you, & heal & open you again....
...please, let Him....it's worth it....I promise....

MajesticDravon's picture

Great Write

Love is pain and growth,

Work and sweat,

Tears and bitterness.

Hello, Good bye

Good morning and good night

Love leaves living scars on the spirit


Really like your poem, thank you for sharing.


I am an artist of words as well as paints.