Deflated Dreams

God (Inspired by)

I cling to my dreams

like a deflated balloon.


Expectations weigh heavy,

but disappointments

shrink me down.


My heart has been

emptied of hope.


My ego has caved in;

my pride is wounded.


Lord, break apart my desires

and give me yours.


Please fill up my heart

with your love,

until I am overflowing.


I want to feel your grace

so that without you,

nothing else will suffice.


Take away my selfishness;

remove all that I have

so I only need you.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: “Empty My Hands” by Tenth Avenue North

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 Good job with this.

 I could really understand what you were saying.


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Here, here!Good job, written

Here, here!
Good job, written with emotion :)