A Collage of Memories

Love Blossoms

I remember the day we met,
never formally introduced
but I watched you with my friends
and how your laugh intrigued me.

I stalked you through social media,
until I found an excuse
to see you in person.

It was so awkward that day,
I felt like a little girl with a crush.
I didn’t know what to say
to find out if you liked me.

The next few times
we went out with chaperones.
My heart was yours
but still wasn’t sure
if the feeling was mutual.

Then one day I got my answer.
In a cold movie theater,
you gave me your arm
to keep me warm.

And on the way home,
I couldn’t stop giggling
at the possibility of us.

Somehow you were mine;
it was all kind of surreal
as we shared our first kiss
on my porch that rainy day.

Then one day you told me
you loved me,
and I couldn’t say it back
even though I loved you
since that day at the movies
when I held your arm.

I had never been so happy
to call someone mine;
never so proud to be
part of a couple.

All those dates, trying new things,
making memories together,
sharing our lives with each other,
meant everything to me.

One spring day
when we watched fireworks
in the most magical place on earth,
you gave me a ring
to prove how true your love was.

Then slowly the magic disappeared,
the fights began, the tears began,
our love had faded
but I still clung to your arm.

If our lives are a collage of memories,
yours are the ones I hold most dear.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "All Too Well" by Taylor Swift

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Aw. I can totally relate to

Aw. I can totally relate to this. Brings back good/sad memories. :(

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