The Truth Without Photoshop


I am not perfect. My skin is not airbrushed. I have bumps and creases and scars that no amount of editing can hide. My hair is not always lustrous and tamed or dyed to match your preferences. My teeth are not pearly white and straight, but I will not align my smile so you accept me.

My proportions don’t measure up to your standards. My frame may be too big to fit the pages of your magazine. But I will not crop my waist, adjust my bust, or resize my weight to try to fit in.

After all, I was not made on Photoshop. But there was someone who made me just the way I am. And even though, I may not be perfect by your definition, he thinks I am the epitome of beauty.

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Thanks for sharing these words. We are all made in the image we are suppose to have and to alter such image to impress others does not show the true beauty within. Outward appearances fade as we all age,; inner beauty remains the same. Nicely penned.

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Physical beauty fades, false beauty washes away, but inner beauty grows with each day. Beautiful poem! Beautiful message from a beautiful soul!

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I say this ALOT, I have never

I say this ALOT, I have never met an ugly person in my LIFE! only people whoe THINK they are ugly! peopel are not attracted to looks they are attracted to attitudes. especially ones that are lacking in themselves. Yes you are created beautifully, perfection is boring, and imperfection an endless view of interesting and captivating contrasts. What a lovely poem... I enjoyed this GB :)

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