Never Knowing True Love

My Broken Heart

Will anyone ever love me
and accept me?

Every year that passes
I grow more hesitant
of having false hopes.

I’ve been lucky
that my looks
have drawn a few suitors,
but their attraction
is only ever superficial.

As soon as they see
the real me,
they fall out of lust
for me.

They promise
that we will remain friends,
but within months,
they are permanently gone.

I can’t help thinking
there is something wrong with me
that would drive them away.

At this point,
I’ve lost of hope
of finding someone.

I am getting used to
the idea of a life
never having known
true love.

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CoreyRyan1's picture

I feel you

I know how you feel. It's doubly painful for those of us who are sensitve and
feel with a great deal of desire, regardless of what. I'll post a poem soon that
touches on my personal pitfalls regarding the absence of amor. Just be yourself
and amor will come.