Journey to Self-Acceptance

I know I have a long way to go,
but I know I’m growing
a little every day.

So many issues to work through,
but the journey
to self-acceptance
begins with the first step.

To overcome my fears,
my worries, my insecurities,
will take time,
but I’m learning patience.

I’m discovering how
to be my own person
and to stop relying on others.

I’m starting to see value in myself
because my creator
made me for a reason.

And despite all my problems,
He loves me as I am.

He loves me so much
That He wants to help me
defeat my own flesh.

He wants to make me better
because He knows I have
the potential to be so much more.

It’s a long road ahead,
but I’m hopeful I will get there.

One bright day,
I will look up and I will have arrived
at accepting myself.

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x step
we all find it somehow, someway, well most of us do to a greater extent..
some poor souls fall by the wayside and never recover

the late Dan Fogelberg wrote a great song called a "Part Of the Plan"

listen to it I think it might help you feel a little better about eveything


"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot