Personal (Hope)

I just want to sleep
these tears away,
wake up with amnesia and
start a new ending.

I wish to erase your memory,
scratch you out of my timeline
and pretend you didn’t
leave me broken.

I want to stop believing the lies
that I’m alright;
I may fool you,
but I can’t fool myself.

This isn’t my identity;
you don’t define me.
You’re just a part of
my scarred past…
a part that doesn’t
exist anymore.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: “Only a Memory” by Icon for Hire

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grahf's picture

In line with "I-den-ti-ty."

In line with "I-den-ti-ty." But they're close enough in timeline that it should be expected. I will leave you with this: I want to steal your line, "start a new ending." But I won't. Maybe.