Please Understand Me

Look at me.

I just want you to see me.

But don’t merely memorize
my facial features;
don’t only stare into
my hazel-flecked eyes
and caved-in cheeks.

I just want you to know me…
inside and out.

I want you to try to be funny
just because you love my laugh.
I want you to be able to identify
all my favorite things
and what I dislike as well.

I want you to spend time with me
simply for the sake of being near me.

I just want you to understand me.

I want you to recognize why
I am the way I am
and to be familiar with
all my deepest, darkest secrets…

the reasons I cry myself to sleep,
my nervous habits,
why I lash out sometimes.

Look at me.
Listen to me.

Can you see what’s inside?

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