Lost at Sea

I’ve lost the only thing
that ever meant anything to me;
I let it wash away.

I was so insecure to see its value
and now it’s gone.

This message in a bottle
ended up at the shore
of another,
someone who would
hold it dear.

It whispered
in her ear
like it once did mine,
echoes of love

I can only watch
from the other side
as she opens you
and makes you worth something.

She unfolds you,
smoothing out
weatherworn edges.

What I would give
for another chance,
to make it right
to fill you up with more
than forlorn words.

But I’m just a selfish fool,
searching the blue,
for someone else like you.

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Solitary_Dreamer's picture

Lost at Sea

a beautiful and heartfelt piece... thankyou for sharing

Morningglory's picture


this is really sweet. Makin' me teary eyed.

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