Carpe Diem


Time freezes:
a moment seized.

Life itself is unsafe;
everyday you risk yourself
with every step you take,
with every word you say,
with every deed you do.

When you reach out,
you risk rejection.

When you love,
you risk your feelings
being unrequited.

When you hope,
you risk disappointment,
dashed expectations.

When you try,
you risk failure.

But when you don’t risk anything,
you have nothing to show for it.

You may have never
had your heart broken,
but you have also
never experienced
the high of love.

If you never try,
you will never feel
the sensation of success.

You avoid being hurt
or feeling pain,
but you do not learn, change,
grow or live.

Live for today;
Be dangerous if you have to.
Just don’t live a cushy life.

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