I hate this person in the mirror,
this ugly face I have to wake up to.
I so desperately want to drown her
in the abyss of unfulfilled dreams.

Why bother continuing to exist
if I'm just a waste of space?

I visited you at your desk first thing this morning. I just couldn’t wait any longer to see you. After some minor flirtation, I noticed you growing in your pants. I wanted nothing more than to rip them off, sit on your lap and grind against you. Right there in the middle of the office. I didn’t care if we would get caught. I was so horny. I felt the heat between my legs, especially when you slid your hand underneath my skirt. And then I kissed you and you reached for my dripping desire.

We had to finish what we started. We were both so filled with lust. So we agreed to meet at our secret spot in the stairway. When I arrived, you said nothing. You weren’t here to waste any time. You simply smiled and pulled me close. You grabbed my ass and kissed me hard. You shoved your tongue as far into my mouth as you could. And all I could think about how skilled that tongue and how I wanted it between my legs. You rubbed against me and I could feel your cock throbbing.

You, knowing my wanton need, turned me around so my back was against you and sunk your fingers into my panties. My pussy was so wet by now, you couldn’t get a good grip on my clit. So you sat me on one of the stairs and dove in. you spread my lips apart and first you licked up and down, really heating me up. Then you focused on my clit, licking circles around it, sucking on it like candy. Your tongue worked wonders and within minutes, I was writhing as the orgasm hit me, grabbing your head so you would dive in deeper and trying not to scream in ecstasy.

When you finished lapping up my juices, we stood up again, you unzipped your pants and released your hard cock. And what a cock it was. Like the Goldilocks nursery rhyme, it was just the right size. I couldn’t help staring at it; it was a sight to behold. I stroked it a little then got down on my knees. I grabbed onto your cock and brought it to my lips. I started slow, licking the head and along the underside. I tried to take in as much as I could into my mouth as it kept growing between my lips. Back and forth slowly. Then moving faster and faster.

You couldn’t take it anymore. You needed to be inside me. So you put me against the wall and hiked up my skirt. You grabbed me off the ground, wrapping my legs around your waist and pushed your way inside my pussy. You mimicked my lips from moments earlier, starting slow then moving faster. You thrust deeper and deeper. You made me cum once again which brought you to the edge. You pulled out and I was on my knees again, mouth open wide. You came in hot streams in my mouth, and I swallowed as much as I could.

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