What He Did

God (Inspired by)

Guilt and shame is of the enemy;

no God that loves you

and forgives you

would give you these emotions

that wreak havoc on the mind.

Realize what He did for you

on that cross on Calvary hill.

Recognize that He loved you

enough to live a blameless life

and die a painful death

for the sake of humanity.

Rise above the person

you were in the grip

of the enemy.

And let his grace descend

and make you a new creation

to be used for His glory

ever to fall into

the hold of a fallen angel.

The sin had strangled me,

left the marks on my eyes,

the blood and the wisdom,

challenged by the understanding

and afraid of myself.

What I’m become.

Where I’ve been.

What I don’t do.

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jmbarrett19's picture

The three poems that I have read so far has really spoken to me. Especially the first stanza of this poem. I have felt guilt and condemnation for my past but I know that is from the enemy. Jesus' blood has washed away my sin and has made me clean and new again.