Letter to Myself

Dear Me:

You were never alone.

So many people loved you

and you were so busy

hating yourself to even notice.

But do see now

what you’ve been missing?

Do you realize

that Your Maker has

great plans in store for you?

Never stray from Him

lest you fall into your past

and let bitterness get

the rest of you.

You have so much to offer

this world that is lost

and searching for love

from their fellow man

before they can love

the Father.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: Furthermore’s so-called song

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Lesa Gay's picture

I really liked the truths of this write.

Thank you for the welcome to Post Poems. It was very nice to see. I hope you will return to read more of the person that is me. I know that I write and present a little differently than most here. You were very gracious. I would love for you to sign my guestbook so it will be easy for me to find you again, sometime when you are out and about.

Aspiring Angel