My Broken Heart

I only hear what I want to.

I wasn’t listening

when you said goodbye;

I was busy saying “Don’t go.

I need you here.”

So selfish of me

trying to make you do

what you didn’t want to.

You said you really cared

and that’s why you’re letting go

because it’s best for us both.

But all I heard was that

I wasn’t worth it,

that I wasn’t good enough

to love.

But you never said that;

you only said,

“Not now.

My focus must be


So stubborn of me

to believe you would

change your life for me.

And while I was waiting,

you were distancing yourself

and I didn’t even know...

until you screamed it

from a mile away

and told me to

just let you go.

So I did.

I heard you that time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: “Stay” by Lisa Loeb

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I fake a smile just To hide my scars's picture

like the poem..i could feel the pain coming from this..intense poem.....i know how u feel..i'm going through it now..i haft to let the guy i love go to and it's not working out for me either....bad thing he's one of my friends and it makes it harder for me...but i dn't want him outta my life.