Practicing Patience

Divine Revelation

The world teaches us  

that whatever we want

we can have it now.

Instant gratification  

is the way of the world.  

However, it is not  

the way of our Lord.  

What we must do  

to please God is to

offer up our requests

to Him than wait.  

He will answer us

in His time and  

we must realize

He does not live by  

any time restrictions.  

He is infinite and so

He thinks in terms

of forever.  

While we sit here and  

wait for an answer,

He is testing us.  

He asks that we  

be patient, not like

the world that says

we can have it now.  

When it is the right time,

He will provide the answer

which may or may not be

what we wanted to hear.  

But we can know

it is His will and,  

in the long run,

it will be best of us too.

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