A Shelter in the Storm

Divine Revelation

Am I still so narrow-minded

that I hate what

I don’t understand?

It’s so hard to wrap my mind

around the things

I don’t relate to sometimes.

When I hear the horrors

of this world

that You have sheltered me from

until now,

I’m reminded of how much

You’ve blessed me with.

You kept me out of

the true downpours of pain

that would have drowned

my weak soul.

You show me them now

because You know I see them

at the same time that

I see You and I know

You are in every one of us.

You are the whisper

in the settling wind,

the thunderclap

on a sunny day.

You are all around us

and within us

stirring us

so we love you more.

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rosalind's picture

Shelter in the storm is lovely,comprehensible and from the heart. Success!