No Outlet

Love Blossoms

We need to talk about

where this is leaded

because we’re moving in

opposite directions,

and I don’t want to feel

lost anymore.

I know where I’m going

whether you’ll follow me or not.

You won’t change my path;

that much is clear.

But your course is wrong,

and I can’t turn away

knowing you’ll continue

towards that dead end.

But I know that I’ve gone

about it the wrong way:

pointing out how

your shortcuts are ineffective

instead of showing you

where you should go.  

So I’ll tell you now~

there is only one exit

for those who are wayward.

It is called death,

and it signifies that

the consequences

for your actions in this life

are inescapable.

I don’t want to lose track

of you on this road of life,

letting you get lost in the shuffle

of intersecting needs.  

I’ll keep driving next to you

until you tell me to pull over

and leave you in the dust.

The street here never ends

unless you create a blockade

between the two of us.

I will save you from crashing

if you just let me.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: “How to Save a Life” by the Fray

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