Why do I require so much attention,

and why do I expect it to continue

when someone casually looks my way?

Am I that needy?

Am I that desperate?

These men flaunt what they have

like it’s something so rare.

Was an ear and a hand to hold

always so hard to come by,

and is it worth my dignity?

Just walk away, Mister.

I’m not buying

if what you require is

for me to sell my body.

I am not cheap.

I am not free.

My heart comes with

a hefty price tag,

one you can never afford.

It’s priceless

because He called me precious.

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running_with_rabbits's picture

I really liked that poem! and I agree with every word, it seems these days people only care about one thing, and its the wrong thing!

thanks so much for sharing

much love

Much Love