I Am Here

Love Blossoms

My love,

I hate your darkness

because I live in light.

But it will not keep me from you;

I will never give up on you

unless you ask me to.

I’d fight to the death

to save your life.

I’d martyr myself

to set you free.

This love is just camouflage

for something that lies deeper,

an urge not mine

to give you what I have.

I want to give you

the source of my joy,

my refuge when I hurt.

I want to give you

everything I am

even if you don’t want it.

You can’t take away my innocence,

but I can give you what you’re missing.

Nothing you do or are

will ever drive me away.

I’m here to help you;

I want to be your safe haven

when you’re fearful;

your harbor when you’re lost.

In my eyes,

you are flawless

because your defects

are not self-imposed.

I know your heart;

I know it is stained with tar,

but I will shelter you

from any more pain.

I can show you

how to remove the shame,

the guilt in your life.

If only,

you would ask me how.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: Snuff- Slipknot

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