True Love

Can you miss someone

who was never there?

Can your body ache

for a touch

you've never felt?

Can your lips

become parched

from the lack

of true love's kiss?

Can you survive

without it?

I need love

like the blood

that flows

through my veins.

I need you

because you’re

the reason I live.

Without you,

there’s nothing

to hope for.

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I see ashes_twisted's point

I see ashes_twisted's point of view. For me, the ending was a little off - however, some of the lines ring oh so very true ("Can your body ache/ for a touch/ you've never felt?)

Damn right it can. Desperate stuff, not that fun to write about, but this is, overall and despite the slightly off-key ending (just for me, that is) all the more intense for its concision.

"Satellite's gone
up to the skies.
Thing like that drive me
out of my mind.

I watched it for a little while:
I love to watch things on TV." - Lou Reed

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I feel there could be more to it, but I enjoyed reading it.

You have that kind of talent that sucks the reader in and they can see, feel, taste, smell, whatever it is that you write about.

In the end it's captivating.

"We are, Each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another." -Luciano De Crescenzo