My Apologies

I was used and abused

by the men of my past,

but you cared about me

for more than just for my body.

Here I was thinking that

you saw me only as a sex object,

yet I was the one

who was objectifying you!

Will you ever forgive me?

Will you ever accept

my never-ending apologies

for not seeing things as they were

and only how they used to be?

I’ll never forgive myself

for not realizing what I had

until I lost it.

I kept you around because

you told me I was a good person

although I saw no good in myself.

I wanted you beside me

because you made me feel happy,

but I had no intention

of returning the favor.  

Here I was hating you all this time,

but you were the only one

who saw me for who I could be,

not for who I was.

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Lesa Gay's picture

When you have lived relationships where you were not seen for the true person that you are ... When trust has been broken it is only human nature to look for unsaveory motives failing to see that the heart is pure in its intentions.

I hope this person was able to understand the 'Why's'

Wonderful work.