Learning How to Die

God (Inspired by)

All my life I have been so selfish~

looking out for only myself.

I was concerned with

my pursuit of happiness,

my American dream...

while the rest of the world

lay by the wayside

in the ditches of dejection,

scrapping the pavement of pain.

I was not truly living,

I was learning how to die~

how to let numbness and

indifference become part of me.

If I disregarded what

comes after death,

I could never live on earth.

I had to be reborn here first.

I had to kill my selfish self

and give birth to loving others.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: “Learning How to Die” by Jon Foreman

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indigo_kid007's picture

This is great to me because I have just recently come to terms with God and understanding life, the way it works, and how I must treat myself and others. This ment alot to me. Thank you for a good read.