I'll Return to You

Tributes to Lovers

My greatest fear is that

this will end in ruin and

I'll return to your shallow arms.


I worry that I will

destroy this good thing

and revert after all my progress.


I've grown in his love;

my heart has swelled

because of his acceptance.


I thought I would never 

experience this feeling

and yet somehow it found me. 


But I am just the product 

of my past and it hunts me down

on a regular basis.


I am still that desperate girl

searching for a hand to hold

and only receiving rejection.


And you were there 

when everyone had left me,

and you exploited my loneliness. 


You realized I wanted more

and instead of granting my request,

you used me to get what you wanted.


But nevertheless I am drawn to you,

like a moth to the flame,

my soul desires devastation.

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