Love-Colored Glasses

Tributes to Lovers

I was blind to love,
but you gave me sight.


My viewpoint was
that I had to leave
before I got left.


But you restored my vision
after years of never
knowing what I was missing.


You fixed my distorted perception
and showed me what love
truly looked like.


I didn't think I
had a chance in hell,
but you made my dreams come true.


Oh to be loved,
body and soul,
despite my defects.


My dimples, pimples
and imperfections
are not too much for you.


I am fire and ice,
but you aren't afraid
of being burned.


I'm a rose with thorns,
but you know when I bloom
I will be beautiful.


Even when I don’t feel
capable of being loved,
you remind me of my worth.


And you gave me the chance
to display that I am
able of returning that love
and growing in that love.

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Well put!

Well put!