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Tributes to Lovers

Sometimes I wonder if I mean anything to you. You say I'm more than just a girl to have sex with but that's basically all we ever did. And now that someone loves me, you won't leave me be. And I still feel like you own some part of me. I find it impossible to let you go. You still control so many of my thoughts. Being desired by you changed the whole trajectory of my life. It altered me completely. You made me feel beautiful when I was feeling my most rejected. And in that exchange, I gave myself over to you. But you want more than is safe for me to give. And now you want me to risk love for your sake. I can't. I've already gone too far by even discussing the proposition. I think you want me to be under your little finger, a puppet here waiting for you, at your beck and call. Maybe that's your definition of a Dom. But it's not mine. You never protected me. You used me when you saw fit. And yes, I enjoyed our time together but I probably relished the fact that you wanted me more than the actual sex. I had such low self-esteem that I snuck to the lowest places to find attention and a sense of well-being. And there you were, so maybe in a sense I used you too. 

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If he didn’t take you

If he didn’t take you out...if he didn’t want to try new things to make you happy...what is the point? Ppl always want what they can’t have - don’t let a loser get in your way of happiness. b/c you’ll kick yourself for it later 

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make him take you to the

make him take you to the girliest of chick flicks and see if he can sit through the whole film.  It's okay to withhold favors if he can't