You were after me for months

and it might seem like 

I finally gave in to you,

but truth is I used you 

like you use other women.


I was horny and you were there;

I kept talking to you every day

because you are a way for me

to pass the time and make

the workday seem manageable.


I make you think you have control,

but I'm the one in charge here;

I'm the one that decides if 

we can spend the day chatting

or if I will block you or

ignore you any given day.


You begged to see me a second time

and I conceded and waited 

and you never showed up and 

never gave me a excuse why so 

you lost your chance with me. 


It makes no sense to me how

someone can pursuing someone

as long as you did and 

you got what you wanted

and it's like you moved on then.


No it was all of a sudden 

that you would disappear even

with the chance to get more;

you were just gone without

so much as my last message read. 

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Starward's picture

He proved by his behavior

He proved by his behavior that he is not capable of appreciating you as you deserve.  But, I say with the utmost resepct, what you deserve, as a human being and an excellent poet, is beyond the reach of many people, these days.  



fuche_bu's picture

People are complex.  It's a

People are complex.  It's a shame that we all don't take more time to learn to appreciate each other as human beings first.  good poem.