Change of Heart

Personal (Hope)

I have grown 

by leaps and bounds

in the last month.


But one thing 

still needs work.


My heart is a mess.


It won't be easy

to fix it.


All my insecurities 

still spill over.


I will have to 

take each piece

and put it back together.


It will take time.


I will need to 

examine each part

and why it fell apart.


But the process has begun.


I've taken the first step

by admitting my flaws.


And little by little,

I will learn and 

my heart will change.


Until one day,

I will realize

my heart is whole again.

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Yeah I’ve got broken bits I

Yeah I’ve got broken bits I just ignore them until I write poetry then they are dandy and come in very handy :) happy heart rearranging! SS 

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