Relentless Love

God (Inspired by)

I ran as far from you as humanly possible,

but your hand reaches even 

to the darkest places. 


There in the shadows where I hid,

you called me out.


You pulled me out of my own mess-

the self-created prison of my mind

that whispered I wasn't worthy of your love.


You proved your grace could cover

my worst mistakes.


You revealed to me how every person 

you pushed away wasn't to hurt me, 

but to draw me back to you. 


And even when I had felt 

the furthest from you,

you were working out everything for my good. 


Now looking back, 

I see your hand at work,

holding my heart together.


Your protected me from myself

and guarded me from harmful people.


You told me I was safe in your embrace;

there was no judgment there.


There was nothing to fear in your arms

for your relentless love casts it away.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Known" by Tauren Wells and Romans 8

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