Routine of You

My Broken Heart

It's crazy how quickly 

a habit is made.


Within a few weeks,

you became my habit. 


You were the reason 

I woke up smiling.


You were the first message 

I received every morning. 


You were the only person

I spent the entire day talking to.


Even if it was small conversation,

you got me through the day.


You were my last thought

every single night.


True that it wasn't for long,

but I fell into the routine of you.


And now that you're gone,

I have to make new habits.


I have to become accustomed

to missing your morning text.


I am getting used to

facing the day with a frown.


And when I lay down to sleep,

tears follow me into my dreams.

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word_man's picture

funny how we pick up habits

funny how we pick up habits from one another as well

sad write,loss is always tough