A Summer Romance

My Broken Heart

We'll call this a summer romance

because it ended when summer did.


It lasted two months,

two hot and passionate months,

that I will never forget.


You made me feel things

I haven't felt in a long time.


You gave me hope that I 

could attract someone like you.


So often I have had the worst luck

having the wrong guys like me.


Until you came along;

you were the closest thing to perfect

but the farthest thing from me.


I knew long distance wouldn't work;

much less if you didn't want to see me.


I don't have any animosity against you

because I know it would never

have worked out anyway. 


I waited for Labor Day weekend 

when we would finally met.


And here it is and just like I expected,

you left on a plane back home

and never tried to see me.


But I know it's for the best;

I hope now I can move on.


I hope I can leave this in the past

and hold this beautiful memory

for what it was, just a memory.

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Starward's picture

The last three stanza are,

The last three stanza are, emotionally, like a punch in the reader's gut, but very effective that way.