This Love

Love Blossoms

I fall in love too quickly.


And when I saw you,
I knew you were next.


You are a dream.


I lose all sense of reality
when I'm around you.


I could stare into
your eyes all day.


I want you close enough
to me to feel your heat.


You make me weak
as a fever washes over me.


I can't trust my heart.

It deceives me every time.


This love is one-sided
if it's love at all.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by:
"I Wanna Dance With Somebody" Whitney Houston
"How Will I Know" Whitney Houston

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RomeonJuliet113's picture

Amazingly written! I

Amazingly written! I completely understand where your coming from. Keep writing and look at some of my poems as well you can see that I was in a relationship were I was the only in love.

♡Love my babies♡Niklas + Stephan❤ My journey has only began and yet, I get to enjoy it with my boys and my boy friend who inspires me more than he knows. 

WordSmith1's picture

I really like the lines, I

I really like the lines, I can not trust my heart,it decieves me everytime.Some really heartful deep words in this poem.Im guessing lots of people can relate to your words.