Feeling For You

Love Blossoms

I can't help feeling for you

even though you can't be mine.


Falling deeper and deeper,

with every laugh 

you release from me.


You draw my heart closer to you

with each glance,

those eyes melt me.


My face is plastered 

with a constant smile,

because you changed me.


You gave me hope;

you made me feel less alone.


You came into my world

and rocked me to the core.


You showed me who I was

when I had lost my identity.


Now I walk with confidence,

now I speak without anxiety.


You may never know what you've done;

you may be unaware of this effect.


But I'll never be the same,

my world has more color

because you're my rainbow. 


My eyes see clearer;

you've wiped away my tears.


I can't imagine my life

without you in it.


I can't explain what I'm feeling.

Is this love?

It sure feels like it.


Even if we are never together,

I hope you will stay in my life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Feels" by Kiiara

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Starward's picture

This is an amazing, concise,

This is an amazing, concise, description of a very mysterious and universal process.  I wish I had read a poem like this four decades ago when I was first beginning to know that love existed.


word_man's picture

i have feelings for you,down

i have feelings for you,down in my soul

is it love ? i don`t know