Fantasizing About You

Love Blossoms

I look at you all day;

I think of you all day.


I watch your lips move

when you speak to me.


Sometimes I forget to listen

how I want to kiss those lips.


Your eyes are staring back

in that way they tend to do.


My mind drifts to another place,

where you come towards me.


You grab the nape of my neck

and draw me into you.


You kiss me hard, deep

like I've always wanted.


You hold me tight, grinding me

as you grow against me.


Soon we fall into the sheets,

a mess of limbs and moans.


We come together beautifully,

fitting into each other perfectly.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "All The Time" by Jeremih

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What an excellent love poem! 

What an excellent love poem!  Reminds me of my college experiences.