Wrong Girl

He said he was
the right guy for me.


Well maybe
I am the wrong girl
for everybody.


Maybe I am too unlovable
to even begin
to love someone else.


Maybe I am too broken
to make something work.


A healthy relationship
will not be possible
with a damaged soul.


I will take your good heart
and drown you with me.


So maybe it is best
that I am alone for a while.


Maybe I should consider
being single forever just to
save the world the heartache.

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running_with_rabbits's picture

nonesense! only broken souls

nonesense! only broken souls have the guts to dig deep enough to truly discover what 'healthy relationship' means... the rest of them are busy fallign into pit-falls like "possitivy" or "if it works it's easy" or "it should all just be fun"... souls that have seen darkness, they can handle when life rears it's ugly head and stick throguh shit...and they can shine brighter than any night...that's how they survive... the world just miss labels them all the time...


maybe the world needs to strengthen it's hearts?

Much Love