Losers and Lovers

I've had my share of losers:


my first kiss that promised to keep in touch
but ignored me for months
until he had no choice but to face me again.


the pathelogical liar
that stopped talking to me for three weeks
then made up a lame excuse
until he ended it by email.


the office fling-
he used me for blowjobs in the staircase
(lasting for mere seconds)
while he was dating someone else.


the friend who was never truly a friend
just a guy waiting in the wings
until I returned his interest in me
and when I did, he moved on to someone else.


the one date wonder that got scared off
by my intensity and came around away
for a quickie in the parking lot
and walked away once again.


But I've been lucky in love too,
well, at least for a little while.


My first real boyfriend gave so much
although I was extremely selfish.
True he cared about his friends more than me,
but he still showed me that love is possible.


Then I had to watch him and his next girl
roaming the office every day
and then in a few months they were married.


Or the guy that liked me from the beginning
and I thought would just be a friend
and when we got together it was magic
but then he revealed a lie that
that stifled the spark.


He was the reasons I lost trust in men;
he was the only one who said he loved me
but he betrayed me where it hurt most.


I've had many experiences with men,
some good then bad, some bad from the get-go,
but they all made me who I am today.


True, I am a little jaded,
but I'm still a hopeless romantic
that believes love exists.

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