Turning Point

Personal (Hope)

Fear takes control
and takes me down
this self-destructive
train of thought.


My default setting is
to assume the worst,
always thinking people
are trying to hurt me.


I inflict my own pain,
break my own heart;
I destroy what I love
before it destroys me.


I'm tired of giving in
to circular reasoning;
I've finally reached
the turning point.


So I change direction
at the crossroads
and steer towards
positive thoughts.


When you make optimism
your mode of operation,
you find the good
you are hoping for.


When you learn to trust,
you risk being hurt
but you also open
yourself to love.


And love heals all;
only love can mend
a broken heart
and restore hope.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Devastation And Reform" by Relient K

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optimism is the best!

optimism is the best! Something I had to learn over the years tho. good write.