My Broken Heart

It's a battle
between my heart and mind.


I know you are
not right for me,
but you are what
my heart desires.


Even my thoughts are
consumed by you;
my heart is taking over.


You pulse through me,
a drug coursing
in my veins.


You are a mistake
I'd gladly repeat,
but you didn't even
give me the chance.


And although it hurts,
I know it's for the best
that you rejected me.


My heart beats me up
for loving you
when my brain
knew better.


I'm better off
without you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Beating Me Up" by Rachel Platten

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J.GipsonMiddleton's picture

Let judgment prevail over

Let judgment prevail over passion. 

I know all too well the conflict and pain communicated in your words.

I'm sure many others do as well. Thank you for sharing.

Through reflection and expression, you will surely find clarity.