Accepting Love

It's hard to love. It's even harder to accept love. So many of us are afraid of rejection and abandonment that we choose to refuse love before we are denied it.

We create walls like an army. But instead of blocking enemies, we keep out people who can help us. We make excuses to avoid opportunities for enjoyment. We isolate ourselves from the things that bring us joy. Worse even we go out of our way to find people who are not suitable, those who intend to harm us. Sometimes the walls we build are constructed with pain. Pain we welcomed in. Bricks and bricks that strengthen this broken structure we call our hearts. It's often easier to accept heartbreak disguised as love than true love. We believe happiness is too terrifying a thing and it cannot be trusted because it will not last. So we pursue something we know without a doubt will end instead of something that just may work out. We choose brokenness now to save ourselves from devastation later. We decide on something that is sure to fail than the fear of the uncertain. 


We treat love like it's a fairy tale. Something we dream of, something that is just out of reach. But when it gets close, we won't accept it. We run as far away as possible. We can't risk being rejected. We protect ourselves. We protect other people from us. We think they cannot handle the darkness inside us. We don't want burden someone else with these feelings.


We think we don't deserve love. We think our mistakes or our thoughts make us unlovable. But we need to stop thinking like that. We are not the sum total of what we've done wrong or how we have been wronged. Our baggage may be heavy but it is not unbearable.


We are not only defined by the bad in us. We are also the good things. We are not only our worst days but also our best days. In each of us, there is something worth loving. Whether we're funny or fun or smart or honest or compassionate or some combination thereof. There is beauty amidst our brokenness. Even the most pessimistic person likes something about themselves. We need to focus on that and accept what comes to us in the hopes that it will be what we've always wish for. It might end up hurting us but we need to remember that it will not kill us.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

 Inspired by: "Learning to Accept Love for Yourself" by Emily Rella

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You're getting close

To a metaphor

But i didnt see one.

So... it true that.


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I have written many

I have written many metaphoric poems. Look around and you'll find them :)

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I didn't say you didn't

But i didnt see one here.

So i assumed you didnt mean it to be

That way.

Huh :)


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You are correct :)

You are correct :)