Save Me From Myself

Love Blossoms

I'm hard to love;
I'm complicated.


I'm a paradox, baby.


I'll put you through hell
but make you feel like heaven.


One moment you'll find me
in a puddle of tears,
the next in fits of laughter.


I'm prone to falling apart,
but you pick me up
and put me back together.


You're not the first to touch me,
and you can say I've been tainted.


But with you, I feel brand new.


You break down my walls,
you're making me better.


You take away my fear
with a simple smile
and a gentle kiss.


You give me confidence
I didn't think I could muster.


You save me from myself.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Save Me From Myself" by Christina Aguilera

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