The Siren's Song

Mariners voyage here,
tempted by the siren's song.
I warn them in my verse:
"Don't come too close;
you will crash on the rocks."


A beckoning curse,
they refuse to heed.


They are tossed on waves,
caught in a storm
until they are shipwrecked


What brought them here
was on the surface,
but beneath the sea
was a rip current.


Sometimes someone comes along
who wants to put
their anchor down.


But soon they find holes
in their vessel,
and they begin going under.


They sail away before they drown
because if they stay,
they will surely perish.


So this mermaid is left
to sing her lonely tune
on this forsaken isle
with no hope of being rescued.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Can't Be Saved" by Jessa Anderson

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