Shine a Light

Divine Revelation

When did the church
start being judge and jury
and stop being
the hands and feet of its Savior?


The Bible says, "Do not judge."

God is the only one
who can rule with an iron fist.


He commanded us to love above all else,
to shine a light in a dark place.


We confuse his words;
we are not meant to be flashlights,
focusing on the sins of the world.


We are candles.
we should brighten the room
and we should bring warmth.


But never, ever tell people
what they are doing is wrong
when they don't know the difference
between right and wrong.


Even the most faith-filled Christian
struggles in their skin,
for we are all human after all.


The world needs us more than ever;
these are dark times we live in
not because of the evil out there,
but because we don't show how much good
there is in people as well.

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Some people are just Evil

I am a loving person
But life will show you
A different side
Of the coin.
And money is a
Greedy Bastard.