I'll Wait For You

Love is so far away
but I walk towards it every day
until one day I arrive.


We'll find each other
when the season comes,
when the flower is ready to bloom.


I've prayed for you
hoping your goals would match mine,
that our morals would be in sync.


Of course we'll have disagreements
and differences of opinion
but we'll learn to compromise.


I've stayed up nights
wondering what you'll be like,
the contents of our heart.


Our love will rival the novels,
because it won't end at
happily ever after.


I've dreamt about you
waiting for the moment
our eyes would first connect.


Or maybe we've already met
and don't know our story
will last a lifetime.


When we say our wedding vows,
we will mean 'til death do us part
and you'll have eyes only for me.


No one is perfect but our souls
were forged in the same fire
by the hand of God himself.


So I'll wait for you
because no one will do,
only you'll love me true.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "I'll Wait for You" by Moriah Peters and "Wait for Me" by Rebecca St. James

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I don't know nothing about

Who you are giving credit too.

But i do like all three of the poems