It's So Hard

As soon as a new day begins
I'm already worn out.


Yesterday's troubles
dwell in my mind
and today promises
more of the same.


My eyes struggle to stay open
through the pounding headache
and sleepless nights.


Fluorescent lights,
endless interruptions,
and a cluttered inbox
don't help my situation.


It's so hard to keep going
through this life
I didn't ask for.


I feel like I'm moving in reverse,
progress means more stress.


My anxiety is heightened;
anger is the norm.


My desire for isolation
is at an all-time high.


It's so hard to keep hoping;
my heart is crushed
by the weight of the world.


It is heavy on my shoulders;
I can't bare it.


It's so hard to keep breathing
when life has left my body.


I have no interest in anything;

I am content with just getting away
from this hell at the end of the day.


When will the struggle be over?
Will it be worth it in the end?


No amount of money or status
is worth so much aggravation
and disorder.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: Worn by "Tenth Avenue North"

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