I Urge You


For the children who are bullied,
for the kids who don't fit in,
for the outcasts and wallflowers,
I urge you that this reality won't last forever.


For the workers on the midnight shift,
for those trying to make ends meet,
for those who struggle to pay their bills,
I urge you to not give up on the American dream.


For the forgotten, neglected, abandoned, abused,
for the ones this nation doesn't represent,
I urge you to stand up and be noticed.


For those who are silenced and only
made to answer when spoken to,
for all who quietly suffer with shame and guilt,
I urge you to speak every chance you can.


For those who hurt every day
due to unseen scars or visible ailments,
for the ones who cry every night,
I urge you to remember your heart still beats.


For everyone who has ever struggled
in any which way,
I urge you to realize that
you are not alone.


For we have all felt your plight
one time or another,
we each understand
the loneliness, the pain, the anguish
that is life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Shake The Dust" by Anis Mojgani 

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well it wont be long and none

well it wont be long and none of us will have to worry

ron parrish