Mosaic of Broken Pieces


We all have a story,
a background that
describes our pains,
our heartbreak, our sorrows.


Each of these moments
results in our lives
becoming piles of
broken pieces of glass.


Our hearts,
our fragile souls are
smashed into shards,
scattered on the ground.


Multiple colors,
varied edges,
different textures-
all part of our tale.


But shattered glass can be
glued back together
and make the most
beautiful works of art.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the Reason by Lacey Strum


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Blackwingedbird's picture

Pleasant poem.

Pleasant poem.

Beatnik1979's picture

I really

see ...and enjoyed what you did here with the metaphor...and the symbolism...

i would definately agree with the last four lines..Well done