A tear at Christmas

A tear at Christmas

The lights are glowing here and there..

Showing Spirit and joyful fare..

People shopping all around...

Looking for that gift they've found.

They celabrate Christmas round the world...

As fear and terror is stelthfully unfurled.

How sad it is to see it come down...

the sorrow and loss as terror surrounds.

To know this time we honor the Creator....

Is torn by those who are many haters.

Twisted and turned in false belief...

As we hang our green and red wreath.

For God over all... with unending Love...

Sits in His throne... up above...

And watches us... and frowns...

As a silent tear rolls down.

For the true meaning of Christmas is Love...

Which He gave us... on the wings of a Dove.

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KindredSpirit's picture

The theme is with US tonight

I am watching   " The Voice "

For the first time in awhile.

And it is off the charts so far IMO.

Shelter in place.

And find someone to/you love..

( virtual is OK )